Being parents ourselves, children are one of the prime focuses of our over two decades of legal experience in San Antonio. Easily, one of the most contested areas of our family law practice are the areas of custody and visitation. Too often, both parents love their children and fight a highly emotionally charged battle. Sadly, the children that both parents love end up in the middle of the fight.

Please remember, the best interests of the children is everyone’s ultimate goal. This is where having an extremely experienced family lawyer on your side is probably more important than at any other time. Over the decades, we have helped many families including grandparents, find common ground that allows everyone’s rights to be observed and visitation issues to be settled. If at all possible, we settle these issues in a friendly manner making sure the children’s needs are first and foremost. However, if a party is not respecting your rights as a parent as well as the needs of the children, we will walk you through the court process to establish custody/visitation. If there is a chance you are going to fight, you want an experienced family law firm like Sossi Law at your side.

If you have already gone through separation or divorce proceedings and you have a court order that is being ignored, you need to seek immediate legal help. Even if you are only starting divorce or separation proceedings, you need to get a custody and visitation plan set up immediately. That way, you can make sure your rights are respected and your children’s needs are served during the coming legal proceedings.

Remember, your children are the most important thing you have. Don’t leave it to chance.
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