Uncontested Divorce

Twenty plus years of experience with San Antonio divorces has taught us that an uncontested divorce doesn’t always mean an easy divorce. If you’ve made the decision to divorce, you must first decide if an uncontested divorce is right for your needs and your circumstances.

Is it possible to file an uncontested divorce on your own in Texas? Is it a good idea? How do I know I need the experienced assistance of The Law Office of Matt Sossi? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I disagree with my spouse on any issue?
  • Does my spouse have a lawyer?
  • Do I have children?
  • Do we have an agreement on custody, visitation, and child support?
  • Do I have questions regarding any financial matters like real estate, health or life insurance, retirement, pension accounts, or credit cards?

If you answered yes or even maybe on any of the above questions, you need strong experienced legal help on your side. If you are fortunate to have a cooperative spouse or one that agrees to your terms, uncontested divorces are usually settled out of court and with relative speed. However, it helps to have an experienced firm like The Law Office of Matt Sossi on your side to begin with.