Separtation Agreements

Sometimes, a divorce is neither wanted nor needed by a couple. Since we started our family law practice in 1992, we’ve seen many cases where a couple is not served by a divorce. For many reasons involving financial, religious, or legal reasons, it does not make sense to divorce. Regardless of the reason, it is absolutely critical that you still protect your rights.

While most people haven’t heard of separation agreements, also known as Post-Marital agreements, the Sossi Law Firm has helped numerous couples in San Antonio establish them. What a separation agreement does establishes exactly what the expectations and obligations of your marriage are. If there are any children involved, the separation agreement will also detail exactly what the custody, support, and visitation obligations are. One very large difference between a separation agreement and a divorce is you are not allowed to be married until you have legally and fully dissolved the marriage. Even if you don’t understand exactly what you are signing, you are still legally bound to the separation agreement. So please don’t sign a separation agreement, no matter how friendly you think it is, until you have consulted and attorney. The agreement is a legally binging contract under Texas family law and is very hard to modify later.