Enforcement of Court Orders

After your San Antonio Family Court case is settled and a court order has been issued, everyone involved is not only expected to follow the court’s instructions but legally obligated to. Unfortunately, the parties don’t always follow the instructions. Sometimes, it isn’t possible for court orders to be followed. In those cases, you really need to have an lawyer that can go to the court and make sure your rights are respected.

With two decades of experience, The Law Office of Matt Sossi understands your needs and concerns. Complying with a court order isn’t optional. Falling behind on your court ordered obligations can have very serious consequences including garnishment of wages, losing your professional licenses, the ability to drive, even jail time. If you are having trouble meeting your obligations, don’t wait to get in contact with us.

If the person who you share a court order with isn’t meeting their court ordered obligations and aren’t making a good faith effort to meet it, you need to contact us. The longer you let the other party get behind in their obligation, the harder it is for them to keep up. So, time is of the essence.