San Antonio Child Custody Modification Services

A wise man once said that the only thing in life that is constant, is change. You need a tough dependable lawyer right here in San Antonio that can help you cope with change. The places in Texas that we see the most change, post divorce, is in child custody orders. Even after you have a court order in hand, changes in address, job, or even marital status can bring you back to the courthouse. Luckily, with over two decades of experience practicing child custody, you’ll be glad you have Sossi Law on your side.

Whether you are the one paying support or the party receiving support, we want to make sure that your rights are respected and protected. If your status changes after the marriage, you have a right to ask for a modification. Did you discover that some property didn’t quite make it in to the divorce decree? Has your spouse moved or remarried?

The child custody laws in Texas are different than many other states. With the dynamic economy we live in, changes in job status mean you probably need to modify your court order. Things that you may think are minor can make a very important difference in your standing court order. Simply moving to a new place or getting remarried can trigger a mess of legal issues. Sadly, should a former spouse or a person in your child’s life start to become a dangerous or negative influence on their lives, you need to call us as soon as possible. Remember, Sossi Law is concerned first and foremost with what is in the best interest of your child.