Paternity Lawyer San Antonio

Paternity is not an easy matter in Texas. If you are married, the presumption in the state of Texas is that the child is strictly a product of that marriage. Should the child be the product of a union outside of the marriage, getting proper legal advice to establish paternity is critical. There are legal forms that need to be filled out immediately to establish paternity. If those are not filed, establishing paternity and enforcing the legal rights of both parents becomes much more complicated. However, signing these forms establish a road that is legally very hard to ever get off of. If there is any doubt of parentage by any parties, it is critical that you contact the law firm that has two decades of experience with paternity cases, the Sossi Law Firm.

Once a legally binding paternity is established, there are many legal consequences that come in to play. In terms of the welfare of the child in question, if effects their Social Security, veteran’s benefits, inheritance, health and life insurance, and even immigration status. Knowing paternity goes beyond just financial and legal obligations. Knowing paternity also lets you know a significantly more comprehensive family medical history, something that can help the child throughout their life.

Child support can also be obtained or denied based on paternity findings. Matters of child support should be settled after the resolution of the paternity issues. The earlier and more decisively you establish paternity, the better. So there is no time to waste contacting one of San Antonio’s most experienced family lawyers.