best payday loans How do you define “best interest” of the child in the State of Texas?

DivorceFamily Law in Texas

In Holly v. Adams the Texas Supreme Court listed factors that a court should consider in determining what is in the best interest of the child. The factors include: 1.The desires of the child, 2. The emotional and physical needs of the child now and in the future;
3. The emotional and physical danger to the child now and in the future, fundssupply
4. The parental abilities of the individuals seeking custody, 5. the programs available to assist these individuals to promote the best interest of the child, 6. the plans for the child by these individuals or by the agency seeking custody, 7. the stability of the home or proposed placement, 8. the acts or omissions of the parent which may indicate that the existing parent-child relationship is not a proper one; and 9. any excuse for the acts or omissions of the parent. The list is not exhaustive. Remember that the court will want the custodial parent to respect their ex’s rights to interact with the child at issue. Matt Sossi