Divorce Lawyer in San Antonio

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A divorce is a easily the most major step and one of the hardest times in your life. Even when it is an uncontested divorce, it’s emotionally devastating. This is especially true if their are children involved. You need to find experienced legal counsel to guide you through this emotional and legal minefield immediately.

We at The Law Office of Matt Sossi are dedicated to serving the best needs of our clients and their children. During the entire process of your divorce, we will guide you through the legal minefield. You see, we’ve been practicing divorce law since 1992 and have helped numerous people not only divorce but fervently fight for what is best for their children. We help ensure that all of your emotional, financial, and legal needs are treated with compassion while your rights are intensely represented.


Our decades of experience in divorce law have shown us that you need to be absolutely certain that your marriage is beyond repair. Divorce isn’t something to stumble into easily. It’s a complicated and stressful time that you need guidance with. Time has shown that having a highly experienced divorce attorney like Matt Sossi as your partner from the very beginning makes a significant difference in outcomes. Our job as legal counsel is to make sure you are doing what is best for your interests.


A big change has happened over the last decade or so. Big expensive trials are becoming fewer and farther in-between. A large percentage of divorces are settled now without having to set foot into a court room at all. It’s a big savings of time, money, and stress if your divorce is able to be settled with either mediation or a settlement. Our interest is making sure our client is happy and gets everything that they have coming, regardless of the venue.

If going to court is in your best interests, then you are fortunate to have The Law Office of Matt Sossi on your side. We will be by your side the whole process. We have the knowledge and experience to fight for you.

What About The Children

Children are the most important things in your life. Understandably, the most divisive and critical negotiations that The Law Office of Matt Sossi conducts are child custody issues. See our section of child custody for more important information.