Texas Family Law: How do I receive child support from the Attorney General’s Office (OAG)?

Child Support

When a child support order gets entered by a district court a child support report will be sent to the OAG. What that will mean is that your personal information will be sent to the OAG and an account will be sent up so child support payments can be processed. In the OAG’s vernacular, the […]

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Texas Family Law: I want 50-50 rights to my child, is this possible?

Child SupportDivorceFamily Law in Texas

Texas presumes that both parent’s are joint managing conservator’s. Joint Managing Conservator’s are given equal independent rights to the child, with a few minor exceptions. Parent’s who want 50-50 normally refer to their visitation schedules, and not their actual legal rights over their child. Court’s normally are reluctant to afford parties equal periods of time […]

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