Adoption Lawyer in San Antonio

Practicing as an Adoption Lawyer in San Antonio for over two decades has been challenging and emotionally draining at times. But, one of the most exciting and rewarding areas of law that we practice is adoption. This is one of the reasons that one of our major areas of expertise and specialty is Adoption Law.

It fills our hearts and in fact is a hard site to beat seeing, that first moment when an adoptive parent gives a hug to the child that is now legally their family. We are committed to helping you get to the moment when you come in as people who love each other, but leave as a family unit.

Like most aspects of adoption law, it is equally parts rewarding, exhausting, complicated, and emotionally draining. You have a fair number of steps before you can legally adopt someone in Texas. Don’t worry, The Law Office of Matt Sossi will be with you step by step.

There are a fair number of steps but we promise, the end result is wondrous.
These steps include but aren’t limited to…

  • Criminal background checks
  • Family welfare checks
  • Home visits
  • Collection of references from friend, family, and work alike
  • Financial and tax information

This may seem like quite a bit of work, but we are absolutely dedicated to seeing you add new members to your happy family.

If you are in San Antonio or the surrounded area, and if you ready for the hardest, most rewarding work in your life, contact us today.