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Matt Sossi is an experienced attorney practicing law since November of 1992 in the areas of Matrimonial and Family law San Antonio based. His expertise includes prenuptial and separation agreements, actions for separation, annulment and divorce (uncontested and contested) as well as child support, paternity, custody, visitation and protective orders in Bexar county and surrounding counties in the State of Texas. All efforts are made to resolve cases prior to commencing a lawsuit or trying a case, however if no amicable resolution can be reached, we will diligently represent all clients to the conclusion of their case.

matt sossi family law san antonio

Cooperative Parenting Resource

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Are Your Children in the Middle of Your Divorce? Learn to Change the Manner in Which You Communicate with Your Ex by Focusing on the Needs of Your Child Through an Attorney Who Has Handled Custody Disputes for Over the Past Twenty Years. This Book Introduces You to the Philosophy of Cooperative Parenting, an Approach that Will Help You Resolve Disputes Before You Find Yourself in Court.